Key concerns and challenges of CONVENTIONAL AUDITING

Managing Large No. of Audits

Managing large Audit universe with limited resources.

Difficulty in Tracking of Audits

Difficulties in tracking all Audits Schedule, Audit Progress, tracking all Compliances and Audit Closures.

Strict Adherence to Timelines

Challenges of strictly adhering to all auditing timelines of high-risk auditable branches

Lack of Ease & Quick Access of Inputs

Problems in Easy and quick access of all inputs/compliances/ observations/ supporting documents.

Promptly Responding to Queries

Ability to promptly respond to any Audit related queries from the Management.

No Automated Reporting & Analytics

No ready facility for generation of various Audit Analytics and Automated Report Generation

Supporting Risk-based Auditing

Easy attainment of Risk-based Auditing accross the Organization

Coverage of Various Types of Audit

    Risk-Based Internal Audit
    Concurrent Audit
    Credit Audit
    Revenue Audit
    Management Audit
    Information System(IS) Audit
    External Audit
    Stock Audit
    Special Audit
    Pay Audit
    Tax Audit
    Outsourcing Arrangement Audit
    Staff Accountability Audit
    Many Other Audits
    Forensic Audit
    Compliance Audit
    Financial Audit
    Statutory Audit
    Environmental Audit
    Off Site Surveilance(OSS) Audit
    Snap Audit
    Propriety Audit
    Any Other Audits

Facilitating Centralized Monitoring and Control

Identification of Auditees

Managing large Audit universe with limited resources.

Easy & Varied checklists

Facilitates quick creation and modification of checklists as per Bank's Changing requirements.

Automatic Scoring/Marking

Automatic Scoring/Marking as per auditor's observations and perception of risks.

Easy Auditor's Observations

Ease of recording observations/irregularities and risk levels by the Auditors

Multiple Re-submissions

Facility for multiple re-submissions by the Branch and rejections by reviewers across all audits pending for compliance.

CBS Integration

Provides ready availiability of customer Account details (from other systems like CBS) for Auditor's review and observation.


Provides for auto SMS/E-MAIL alerts at various defined stages

Significant Improvement in Audit Quality

Ensuring significant improvement in Audit Quality, Efficiency and Overall productivity in Auditing Activities in Banks.

Ready Reckoners & Knowledge Support

Quick availability of ready reckoners and knowledge support (in the form of ready Policy Documents, Guidelines, Help, etc.)

Obliteration of Various Administrative Tasks

Significant time saving on various administrative activities across all levels thus providing more quality time for all towards more focused attention for observations and reviews.

Extensive Reporting / Analysis Capabilities

Various Std. & User Defined Reports

Easy generation of various standard and user-defined analyses and reporting based on criteria like type of Audit, type of Office (BR/RO/ZO), Audit time period, Audit status, specific instance, Risk, etc..

Quick Audit Positions

Quick monitoring of all Audit positions, delays in non-compliances, Audit closure, etc.

High-end Dashboard

High-end Dash Board available for each user role (Auditors, Branches, Closure levels, etc.) providing immediate status updates and quick prompts for due actions.

Repository of Past Audit Reports

Ready availability of all past Audit Reports for future reference.

Excel/PDF Outputs

Facility for host of Data Requirements readily extractable in Excel/PDF.

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